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Occurs when large fragments of genetic material are replaced with genes from other influenza types from other species. Particular segment of new material from an animal and mixing it in with a human. Influenza is killing more people today than covid-19. Unlike common colds dangers of influenza associated with its potential complications (pneumonia) Similar to the covid-19: affects the old people, people with chronic issues and lowered immunity. Principles of antigenic drift and antigenic shift help to explain why human populations are continually susceptible. Minor changes in viral antigenic proteins form one season to another. Every year the vaccination is not as effective because of slight changes in the virus. Small molecular changes in the structure of the virus. During most seasons 10-20% of the population will be infected with influenza virus. Phenomenon where you get something brand new. Get a population that is virtually a virgin soil population, no herd immunity and virtually everyone is susceptible.

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