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Genevieve Dewar

NameStudent numberTutorialANTA01 Introduction to AnthropologyMidterm 2012Part IMultiple Choice Please circle the answers on the test and then fill in the scantron1 While science and myth may provide explanations for the same thing they differ fundamentally since Ascientific explanations are always rightBmythology is never grounded in realityCmyth is common only among primitive people while science is the method of advanced cultures Dscience calls for testing of its conclusion2 Physical anthropologists study Athe physical remainsartifacts and toolsof culture Bhuman biologyCfossilsDarchaeologythth3 European natural scientists of the 17 and 18centuries were almost universallyAatheistsBagnosticsCJewish D believers in a single allpowerful god4 Fossils provided evidence for the notion that Alife on Earth had changedBsome animals did not survive the floodCthe Earth had witnessed a series of catastrophic eventsDall plant and animal species originated at the same time5 By 1800 the major scientific question concerning Earth history wasAwhether or not change had occurred Bhow change had occurredCthe role of God in guiding changeDwhether change was catastrophic or uniform6 Anthropology is traditionally divided into four fields which areA Sociocultural biological linguistic and archaeologyB Biological cultural paleoanthropology linguisticC Archaeology linguistic biological and appliedD Ethnological biological applied and sociocultural1
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