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Anthropology: Becoming Human Final exam is not cumulative. Archaeology: -main objective: why are we so different from different species? History: written records Prehistory: use archaeology to infer on finding out the truth Archaeology: Marina- sunken ships, underwater artifacts Sept 22- Lecture #2 Evolution is descent with modification, Evolution happens to a speciespopulation, not to individuals. Species is a group of creatures which breed together and produce viable and fertile offspring. May be quite similar in appearance(deer) or quite cariable (dogs). May all live in one part of the world(polar bears) or in many parts of the world (right whales). Share behavioural traits relating to social groups, food preferences, reproductive strategies, etc. They distinguish between members of own species and others. Where do we as humans stand? 1859-Darwin published The Origin of Species. 1. Natural Selection 2. Survival of the Fittest 3. Adaptation to the Environment 4. Traits already present (variation) 5. Sexual Selection Mechanism History of Origins -origin of Earth & therefore humans based on his interpretation of the bible. Ussher he was the first to attempt to figure the age of Earth in 1650 AD. October 23 4004BC was the age at 9am. Catastrophists. George Cuvier tried to explain how canyons and mountains were formed. If only 6000 years old, then global and violent catastrophes to explain canyons, mountains, etc? Burnet everything happened slowly, erosion happens slowly by seeing water erosion or wind. www.notesolution.com
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