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Environment/Climate -Three epochs: Pliocene, Pleistocene, Holocene -Time range for each? What species associated with each? -Understand generally how glacial/interglacial fluctuations work (also stadials and interstadials) -Know what Oxygen Isotope Ratios can tell us about climate. Homo Evolution -Should know changing trends throughout Homo evolution (habilis to sapiens) -Changes in body size -Changes in body dimensions -Changes in cranial capacities -Changes in skull (cranium & teeth) that reflect changes in dietary adaptations. -You should be able to group species in chronological order (oldest to youngest); also, group by cranial capacity (smallest to largest). Think back to Hominid Anatomy tutorial and specific lecture content (including Walking With Cavemen movie). Early Homo -Know what makes Early Homo different from Australopithecines/Paranthropines. -Homo habilis & Homo rudolfensis -When? Where? What is unique about them (physically)? -What archaeology (i.e. evidence of behaviour) is associated with them? 2 | P a g e Homo ergaster & erectus -When? Where found? What is unique to them (physically)? -Do they have special adaptations? What are they? -What archaeology (evidence of behaviour) is associated with them? -How are they similar and different from each other? Archaic Homo Homo antecessor & Homo heidelbergensis -When? Where? Unique characteristics? -What do we know of their culture and behaviour? Think archaeological evidence. Homo neanderthalensis -When? Where? Unique characteristics? -Differences (physical and cultural) between them and modern humans? -Special adaptations? -Culture/Behaviour – What do we know? (Think archaeological evidence). Modern Humans -Beginning dates (genetic and archaeological) -Origin Models – be able to define, compare and contras
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