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THE LIFE IN TREES:  Useful things are hands, eyes. 200 different animals who are like humans and we call them primates.  Hands give the true character of the lemur. Not his nose or his tail. Lemurs live on grounds and trees (more on ground).  Lemurs were on earth since around 14 to 15 million years. Madagascar was separated from Africa and it became a paradise for lemurs.  A type of primates jumped longer and had powerful hind lengs which enabled it to jump farther.  The largest of the lemurs, the embrion hunt in night instead of the night so they adapted to hunt at night because in the day they had competition with monkeys and monkeys sleep at night so the lemurs didn’t have trouble at night. They had huge and snot, wet nose that help them at night.  Another type of monkeys who live in south America marmosets also hunt at night. They eat of food and insects. They mark their tress by the scent of their urine. Each territory is a male a female and their young. They threat by screaming or showing their ass. They represent link b/w lemurs and other monkeys.  Howlers howl to decide their territories. Can be heard till 5km. The bigger the father the bigger the trees. But the weight is a disadvantage so the howler have sprout grasping tails that help them to cling on branches. They are total vegetarian and the tails halp them to get the best leaves from the end of the branches. Their sense of smell is dull so they have to put the food close to their nose in order to identify it. also selects it by smell and colour and these howlers have very distinct colors even better than lemurs and they have the best color vision in mammals.  There are differences in species living in south America and in other parts of the worlds. None of the African monkeys have grasping tails like the south American monkeys. The baoons tend to live better on the ground than trees. They eat roots and meat from insects asnd also monkeys if they can catch them. they live on the ground but their is also danger like lions. The males give threat signals by popping out their eyes.  Mount gibralter also has monkeys. The muckrake is the most adaptable monkeys of all. They are in Afghanistan and japan. In the japans alps the mackak has a dense and warm fur for the snow. They need to gather food everyday and they have to dig through snow in order to search for it. one population has discovered hot springs to keep themselves warm. They sit all day in a hot bath to stay away from the cold. They have to
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