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Midterm Exam Review: Chapter 2, Lecture 02 Five Aspects of modern revolution traits 1. adapt to environment 2. natural selection 3. sexual selection 4. variation already exist in population 5. survival of the fittest Pre-Enlightment period (1600-1700) − Western science develops − According to Genesis; Adam and Eve creation story − Everything was made in 6 days ( animals, men, technology) History of Origins − Origin of Earth and human based on interpretation of the Bible − (defn: fifty of species) − Arch Bishop James Usher (1650 AD); Oct. 23 4004 BC, later addition 9 am Geology Contributes − George Cuvier, global and violent catastrophes’ explain canyons and mountains ( defn: catastrophism) − Reverend Burnet (1681 AD) , slow erosion (wind, water, ice) Uniformitarian − (defn uniformitarianism) process that happen today also happen in past − Lyell ( 1873 AD): 100,000 yrs “the present is the key to the past” − Forces driving the change were consistent/ uniform − “Deep time” most significant contribution to evolution − Buffon (1749 AD) : to learn about the earth, study the earth – processes are known, natural and observable − Hutton (1788 AD): slow working, uniform and natural processes= hundreds of thousands of yrs − − Reverend Chalmer: Usher was wrong not the bible Comparative biology − same time Carolus Linneus(1758) categorized plants & animals, established binomial system − 7 layes (defn taxon) − Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species − Humans to Homo sapiens (wise man) End on Englightment period − Life on Earth changed − Fossils − Extinct animals − Strata and stratigraphy How did Earth/ species change (1800?) First mechanism; Jean Baptiste Lamark (Ex. giraffe long neck due to eating leaves on trees) 1. Adap
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