Chart of Australopithecines

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Genevieve Dewar

Type of The “Primitive” ones Gracile Robust Australopithecine South African East African Species A. anamensis A. bahrelghazali A. afarensis A. africanus P. rubustus P. aethiopicus (Black Skull), (Lucy) (Taung child, Mrs. Ples) A. garhi, P. boisei (Dear Boy/Zinj/ OH 5) Dates East Africa: ~5 East Africa, Lake Chad East Africa East Africa: 3.9-2 mya South Africa: 1.8-1 mya East Africa: 2.5-1.3 mya NOTE: Dating methods from South Africa is lessya South Africa: 3.5-2.3 precise because cannot mya (location of Taung use Potassium-Argon dating child, Mrs. Ples) Brain  Comparable  Comparable to that  Comparable to that  Comparable to that Small braincase 520cc P. boisei: 500-530cc (All have apelike brains) to that of a of a chimpanzee? of a chimpanzee of a chimpanzee P. aethiopicus: 410cc NOTE: chimpanzee  375-550cc’s A. garhi: 450cc Humans: 1000-1900cc’s  300cc’s Chimpanzees: 275-500cc’s Skull/Dentition  Parallel ape  U-shaped/parabolic-  Post-orbital  No sagttal crest in  Sagittal crest and flaring  Sagittal crest and flaring cheek like shaped dental constriction which Mrs. Ples cheek bones bones NOTE: Large molar teeth dentition pattern like humans gives evidence that  Apelike skull  Teeth have large surface  Larger skull than South African are generally found in  Small front prefrontal cortex morphology area and thick enamel forms australopithecines teeth, large has not developed good for crushing hard  Teeth for chewing in  Large molars, premolars, Chimpanzees have back teeth  Strong browridges hominin fashion objects and resisting mandible and palate rectangular shaped jaws,  Flaring cheek  Dental arcade is a abrasion  Relatively small front teeth humans have parabolic shaped jaws (U
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