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Horatio Morgan

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Anthro after midterm Pg. 183-184 (body image and gender hierarchies)  Study done on kids says that fat people are lazy lying and cheating and skinny people are friendly kind and happy  Shows how society treats fat people worse than skinny people and that most adolescent girls are self conscious about their weight Trobrianders chapter 4  Giving gifts puts others at debt; do a favor for a favor  They use it in a way to control others as well; all feelings though are not made public; there is a lot of suspicion and conjecture  Young people are promiscuous; having many different casual partners; they don’t live with rents, live beside them in a hut  Young people are considered small boys and girls until they reach their thirties  They say things like “can I ride your bicycle” or “can I have a coconut to drink”; these both mean can I have sex with you?  They don’t like arrogance; it is frowned upon  Young guys have to give gifts to the girls to sleep with but girls will take the shit and not put out;  They use magic to entice others; they say magic unto some coconut oil and then rub that oil on themselves etc  The lovers meet when its very dark in the hut of the guy; they part in the early morning when the first cock crows;  Jealousy does occur and fighting as well  Dala is the mothers matrilineage  They also have matriclans but they aren’t any real importance; except that when you go to a neighbouring village, you can’t ask anyone else for food except; you also have to marry outside your clan; it is best to marry someone in your fathers clan  Incest is the most horrid thing in their culture; incest can happen even if its within clans  When the girl stays in the hut and they eat together, this means that they are married  The women can no longer wear skirts above the knee and neither the man and woman cannot wear shell neclaces cz it would mean they are still looking Cultural anthro pg. 40-65  Sedentary—a mode of livelihood characterized by permanent or semi permanent settlements  Slash and burn agriculture—burning the area and then doing new agriculture there; eventually replaced by “irrigation agriculture”  The agriculture was one of the ways that they decided to become sedentary because it was easier and safer  “this was considered progress”  Savagery, barbarism and civilization; they moved from one stage to the other due to technological advances according to Morgan  Others suggested that technology “directly varied with the efficiency of the tools employed”; they were able to harness energy in better ways throughout different stages  However, studies are beginning to show that foraging and gatherers used far less energy than us and things were much easier for them than we think; they also had plenty of food  One culture called “hadza” was observed and they were hunters and gatherers; they showed that they had plenty of food and only spent 2 hours a day to bring all that food; they were in better health than their agriculture neighbours  Ju/’hoansi was also observed and it was found that their nutrional content was very close to competeing with developed countries and they worked far less; on average of 20 hours;  Basically, with foraging; you have to go around circular distances from your “camp”; as the food sources around you depletes, you have to travel further and further and even bump into other groups; once the labor of travelling outweighs the labor of cultivating agriculture, they do agriculture  What they found was that even in the beginning when they did slash and burn technique, they needed large plots of land because they had to wait till t
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