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Horatio Morgan

ANTA02 Final Exam Study Guide 2013 April 24, 9-11am, GYM The exam is worth 35% of you final grade and is comprised of 3 parts:  Part 1 (essay) is worth 12 points  Part 2 (shorter essays) is worth 14  Part 3 (identify and discuss) is worth 9 marks. * please note that there is no required length for any of these questions, as different students have different styles and very different handwriting. Write the best answer you can in the amount of time given. Budget you time carefully--try not to spend more than 45 minutes on the Part 1, for instance, or you will run out of time for the other parts. Part 1: In Search of Respect Essay (12 marks) In lecture, we have focused on the relationship between structure, agency, and the search for respect; also, gender, the politics of representation, and the possibilities of applied or public anthropology. It is safe to say that the essay question will address some (possibly all?) of these points. You will need to use detailed examples from the book to show that you know what you are talking about. So, figure out what you think you need to know about each point, then find, understand, and commit to memory some ethnographic examples to back them up. Tips:  Budget about 45 minutes of your time to write it—begin by doing point form on notes part of the exam, and work from there.  Yes, it has to be in sentence and paragraph form. No, spelling and style won’t count, but try.  All answers (essay and short) will be marked for thoroughness, accuracy, thoughtfulness, detail, and evaluated not for a set number of pre-existing “right” answers, but as a whole—so you get 8/10 for an “A” answer, etc. Part 2: Shorter essays (2 x 7 marks each=14 marks) These questions could draw on any of the course material from the second half of the term. They can be answered in a long paragraph or two. They will be fairly open-ended and will allow you to draw on a range of possible materials/
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