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Maggie Cummings

ANTA02: Katrina Article - Nancy scheper Hughes: professor of anthropology at the University of California - “ New Orleans was long gone, even before the storm hit” - The people who were too slow and too late getting themselves ant their families out of harms way - They had only themselves to blame for being turned into a population of pitiful “refugees” - She isn’t the one referring to them as refugees, but actually it’s the media who used this term - This soon become to be called “unconscious racism” - Because they’re basically saying that those people were not a part of the USA, - They are part of “the other America” - Humanitarian efforts that are given to the people are always titled “aid” which is usually the term used to owe victims of other countries but not your own citizens - The populations civil rights have ultimately failed - The double 9she will mention closer to the end of the article) refers to the social and political responses to the catastrophe that amplify its disastrous effects to the extent that it is difficult to say which is worse; the killer hurricane the national response to it - The individuals’ exit plans were largely determined by race and class - Poor - The poor were heavily concentrated in low-lying districts and were more exposed to high water; so little opportunities to escape - Many of them didn’t own road worthy cars or any cars at all to leave the place - They were mostly dependent on TV to hear or know any news rather that the internet or even the radio (but probs with that too because they could run out of batt
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