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James Cummins

Mid Term Anthropology 2/11/2013 2:03:00 PM  Ethnography is the written paper of analysis that cultural anthropologist do after studying a culture.  this is an important aspect because it allows cultures that may die out to be understood and notice and studied.  As anthropologist before did not study from the fly on wall perspective before they started too and it allow less ignorance in the cultures. 1. Father of anthropology was Malinowski which he visit the papa… and wrote a report.  He did a key factor within ethnography, which was participant observation: where he joined the culture but still was able to observe and record what he saw and did.  James Frazer was said to be one of the founder fathers of cultural anthropology because  documents and details the similarities among magical and religious beliefs across the globe. Frazer posited that human belief progressed through three stages: primitive magic, replaced by religion, in turn replaced by science.  Sir Edward Burnett Tylor he was a father of anthropology because he developmental beliefs on religion and society.  Language is what sets us apart from moneky and aps and also divids us in culture.  Edward Sapir and Benjamin Lee Whorf: They created a hypothesis for thinking about humans perceptions for reality; they believed that people who had different language saw the world as a different place.  Worldview is our perception of how we should view the world this helpsus shape our reality and establish our moral view and relious views.  Wolrdviews also tell us how to react inc etian situation as for the death and grieving example.  is lecture 3 notes  metaphors in cultural are used to describe certain experiences in life, some use methrophors to describe greed using food as an example.  Metaphors we live by (Lakoff and Johnson): they believe that we use knowledge in one domain of experience and using it in another domain of experience; that use the metaphor we live by.  Domian of experience  is basically our first hand experinces in our culture.  Benjamin Franklin: was the first to say the phrase time is money.  Riutals are set aside for special assocaiions they are not part of everyday day life  although we miss use that way.  Rituals make understand the meaning of our culture. Brings you in line with meanings and values  Rites of passages the stages in ritual ceremony Rituals are symbolic and repetitive events that bring up into our cultural.  Three stages  separation: where they isolate you from others to identify the changes being made.  Transition/ liminality: between your current and new social status.  Integration/reincorporation: reindrocue into society as a new member of your social class.  Biological Determinism: the example which is that men have better skills at mathematics, biological determinism would use this to example using evolution, and natural selection. Vs  Cultural constructionist; would use this example would say that its passed on by upbringing.  Social construct its taken from an idea from is natural or practice and created and build by that culture.  social and cultural says that human behaviors is based on their culture.  Which brings into sex vs gender one sex is scientific and gender is cultural.  Sex : biological categories determine by dentinal chromosomal and hormonal difference  gender: culturally constructed and learn behavior and ideas attributed to men & women  In Anthropology gender and sex do not correlate” naturally by culturally”  in the example when women are naturally care giving but in other tribes as the one we are reading men are care giver what dose that suggest to biology.  The lecture 4 discuss about sambia as an example to explain gender and sex  refer their.  Sambia boys are isolated from women in 6 stages until they barrier one child. This can take up 10- 15 years as they start when their six.  The first stages is where they are separate from their mothers and then engages in homosexual activates where they eat seaman from the elder by stimulating them. Second stage is when they actually eat the seamen & start to get eh jest of what might happen Thrid stage The boys become bachelors and shift from being inseminated to becoming inseminators. The adolescents are severely beaten and nose bled. They are taken to certain trees where they are whipped and purified from any female contamination  Then they are to kill a man and let them take their seamen. The forth stage is now to marry a women that has had her period. The fift the man must nose bleed everytime his wife menstruates and give his wife his seamen  The last stage is where the man is now done and lives with his wife.  that the seamen is tranluated to brea
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