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Maggie Cummings

In Search of Respect Reading Notes Introduction - The author was interested in the political economy of inner-city street culture - Wanted to impose the racial segregation and economic marginalization of latins and blacks in such a powerful country - Addiction and substance abuse are a part of the facts of inner-city life - Most residents in Harlem are below the poverty line and statistically, it should be hard for them to retrieve subsistence goods - These residents resorted to the underground economy to generate money - Women may babysit, bartend, or work as a seamstress - Men may fix cars, sell numbers, or sell nicks and dimes - Drug industry is huge - Men and women both sold drugs instead of working normal jobs - Many men skip the census - It is said that even if you had a regular job, some sort of underground job was worked by people in order to maintain subsistence - L3307-.L9897009.:O9:70- a complex and conflictual web of beliefs, symbols, modes of interaction, values, and ideologies that have emerged in opposition to exclusion from mainstream society - Inner-city street culture is a set of rebellious practices that have emerged as an oppositional style - It is seen in pop culture - !045O0ZK4439:804780OO7:J8,70L3.4390259419K0L730LJK-4:7K44 - These drug dealers, addicts, and thieves are interesting, and therefore studied by this author - Without being bias to the poorer areas of the United States, the author is attempting to express this culture uncensored - Most people who have been socially marginalized do not relate well with others in society - The author used participant observation to do his research in this society - Most anthropologists in the past have shied away from doing ethnographic research on the inner-city - This makes this ethnography very interesting and real Chapter 1: Violating Apartheid in the United States - Phillipe followed and studied a large crack dealer named Ray who had a social club and pool hall as a front to sell crack www.notesolution.comLearning Street Smarts - Ray had once been arrested - ,35045O0L39-0OL0;09Kat Phillipe was a professor, rather a drug addict or cop - !7L24L8,O84,2,L3.K,7,.907L39KL8-44N,3Z,8,2,3,J0714743041#,8 crackhouses The Parameters of Violence, Power, and Generosity - Ray got mad at Phillipe over the newspaper article and then got some advice from Primo about Ray and his attitude - Phillipe tape-recorded the conservations with Primo and Caesar about Ray and their childhood etc - :L8Z,843041#,8-08917L038-:9O48970850.9L39K0897009,1907K089,7904L3J crack - Being violent and having a violent attitude can help to build your street credibility - L4O03.0.,3-08003,8,3L3;0892039L3944308K:2,3.,5L9,O0;0O452039 - ,39K089700984:K,;094,.9K,7849K,93LJJ,84395:8K4:,74:3 - Many people saw Ray as a friendly guy who was just capable of being wild when he needed to be The Barriers of Cultural Capital - #,Z,839;0782,79085L90KL8.,5,-LOL9L08947:3,709,LO.7,.N309Z47N - +0O,.N0.:O9:7,O.,5L9,O,..47L3J949K0Z47841,703.K84.L4O4JL89!Lerre Bourdieu - Ray wanted Phillipe to help him with establishing himself in the real, legal world - Ray opened up many businesses, but only the social club and bar business was able to run for a small amount of time Confronting Race, Class, and the Police - Phillipe had to confront the overwhelming reality of racial class-based apartheid in America - Because of his white-skin, people though that he was some sort of investigator - Phillipe was either seen as an undercover cop or a drug addict, which bothered him - And he, from time to time had run-ins with the police - 489.458L39-0OL0;09K,9K0Z,8,3,39K7454O4JL894L3J7080,7.K,32489 L39-0OL0;09K,9K0Z,8,.9:,OOOL;L3JL3+,7O02 Racism and the Culture of Terror
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