Righteous Dopefiend

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Bianca Dahl

26 November 2012Course code ANTA02H3ANTA02 Introduction to AnthropologyRighteous DopefiendB DahlEthics and Anthropological EngagementBook focuses on questions of violence degradation and how to represent theseoNot turning them into heroesoShowing the humanity of these righteous dopefiendsLine between field work and job becomes blurryEmphasis on as an anthropologist youre supposed to watch and not intervene The texts and images we anthropologists present to the world are often profoundly disturbing When we report and write in an intimate way about scenes of violence genocide and extreme social suffering our readers have the right to react with anger and to ask just what we are after ScheperHughes and Bourgois 2003Indeed what do we want from our audienceTo shock To evoke pityWhat of the people whose suffering is being made into a public spectacle for the sake of the theoretical argument Our years of observing many different formsof misery violence and chronic social suffering has shown us that the more frequent and ubiquitous the images of sickness suffering and death the more likely they are to become invisibleScheperHughes and Bourgois 200oPeople become desensitized become more naturalizes lack of being questioned with the issue of homelessness and heroin addictionoUrging us to see what makes these people addicted to drugsViolence is a slippery concept that goes beyond physicality to include assaults on selfrespect and personhood The social and cultural dimensions of violence are what give it its force and meaning ScheperHughes and Bourgois 2004oConcept of structural violence Farmers concept embedded with the idea thatStructural Violence is a vivid reminder that most violent acts are not deviant They are defined as moral in the service of conventional norms and material interests As ethnographers we can best contribute by
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