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Maggie Cummings

Jan 2022 Reading 2 The rituals of American hospital birth David McCurdy The vast majority of American women are hooked up to an electronic fetal monitor and an IV. They are encouraged to use pain-relieving drugs, receive an episiotomy Anthropologist regularly describe other, less technological ways to give birth. For example the Mayan Indians of highland ciapas hold onto a rope while squatting for birth, a position that is far more physiologically efficacious than the flat-on-your- back-with-your-feet-in-stirrups position. Early in this century, Arnold van Gennep noticed that in many societies around the world, major life transitions are ritualized. These cultural rites of passage make it appear that society itself effects the transformation of the individual. RITES OF PASSAGE: A ritual is a patterned, repetitive, and symbolic enactment of a cultural belief or value; its primary purpose is alignment of their belief system of the individual with that of society. A rite of passage is a series of rituals that move individuals from one social state or status to another for example moving from girlhood to womanhood Rites of passages are usually consist of three stages o 1. Separation of the individuals from their preceding social state o 2. A period of transition in which they are neither one thing nor the other o 3. An integration phase, in which, through various rites of incorporation, they are absorbed into their new social state. In a yearlong pregnancychildbirth rite of passage in American society, the separation phase begins with the womans first awareness of pregnancy; the transition stage lasts until several days after the birth; and the integration phase ends gradually in the newborns first few months of life Victor Turner stated that they place their participants in a transition realm that has few of the attributes of the past or coming state Birth is an ideal candidate for ritualization of this sort and is in fact used in many societies as a model for structuring other rites of passage. A society can ensure that www.notesolution.com
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