April 5 Lecture

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

Anthropology April 5 Lecture Slide: How do anthropologists add value? Women who talked about how anthropologists add value. Anthropologists have different perspectives and have a way of solving problems in a way that other people cant. Anthropologists can solve problems in 3 different directions: 1) What anthropologist talk about human behaviour (like why people eat chocolate bars) 2) Anthropologists concept, our method of analysis (like why people buy chocolate bars) 3) Why do people do what they do? They can see cross-sectional decisions (cross cultural scenariosthis can be in business and other companies) Public vs. Private: Ex. of the difference between landline and mobile phone. In Czech Republic they didnt like mobile phones because they said they werent private like mobile phones. So anthropologist figured out ways to solve these problems. They solved problem of the mobile phones by saying how it can be private like you can take it anywhere even in your room. Slide: Some examples Just showing examples of what you could do with an anthropology degree Slide: Katrina and its double Just talking about the article on Katrina. Marginalized communities living in the neighbourhood must likely to be sunk. (Most on social assistance) The people in New Orleans were very poor, some didnt have cars, some didnt have internet access, some didnt have s
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