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Maggie Cummings

Fieldwork and Ehtnography Enthnography is, in turn, is based on fieldwork Object of anthropological study Culture Method of studying it fieldwork, enthnography Fieldwork sets social anthropology apart from others. Anthro share objects of study with other disciplines, for the most part they leave offices etc. and spend an extended period of time with the people they study. This is fieldwork. Fieldwork is considered a right of passage amongst anthropologists. It makes you an actual anthropologist. Enthnography is what you write based on fieldwork. (Crack Book, Feeding desire, can also be short writings) Its about more than description, also contains theories and analysis, trying to figure out why people in the culture behave in a certain way and the significance of it. Always 2 things going on, description and analysis. Whats ethnography and fieldwork accomplish? From Geertz P.O.V, the job of any important enthnographer is to portray a culture from the natives point of view. Need a detailed and thick description of the culture. Context for knowledge about the culture. Give as much detail as possible in order to build context for whatever you are describing. (Balinese cockfight, describes more than just watching chickens die, describes the betting process, feeding the rooster, run from the cops, etc.) You learn context from being in the culture. From Geertz, context example is, someone winking at you (possible contexts, something in eye, suggestive) you need context in order to understand Basically, lots of description and context is important for understanding cultures Good thing about fieldwork is that you actually LEARn the context Brief History of Anthropology Anthropology is relatively young, about 100 years old, but it draws on older disciplines such as philo and history Philosophers and various explorers as proto-anthropologist they wrote about cultures they encountered Has its real roots about 150 years ago in the Victorian era Victorian Anthropology (Tylor and Frazer): influenced by evolutionary theory, hierarchy of civilization Tylors Definition of Culture : Tied it to the idea of civilization, culture or civilization is that complex whole which includes knowledge belief art customs laws and any other abilities acquired by man as a member of society.(Page 36 of VSI) www.notesolution.com
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