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Maggie Cummings

How do anthropologists add value? Solving three kinds of problems Behaviour: heres what do people do (ethnography) Concepts: Heres what it means (analysis) Culture: Heres why they do it (theory) What else can you do as an anthropologist: They work in public health, government, health, clinical research, research Katrina and its doubles: by Nancy Sheper-Hughs She realized that sometimes it is important for anthropologists to step in and do something She was trying to figure out what we can understand about the U.S and the equality differences with Katrina A lot of people were left behind to suffer; lots of people died on starvation rather than the flood Explanations: blaming the victims (people left behind and some who died), why didnt they leave and why are they killing each other Most of the buildings were only built to withstand a level 4 hurricane but Katrina was 5, and the only people who were in that neighbourhood were poor people and places with African American People couldnt leave (she pointed out that the only people who left was people with jobs that were allowed to leave, people with cars and money) and the people who were poor didnt have anywhere to go and no money to leave or had jobs that they couldnt leave behind (if you leave, you will be fired) The hurricane was a natural disaster but its doubles were not Some people who were trying to leave were held at gun point by police officers or were turned back because they dont want that part of the society to turn poor and black neighbourhood
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