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Beulah Erhiawarien ANTA02 Feeding Desire: Fatness, Beauty, and sexuality among a Saharan people Prologue Beauty ideals are not superficial but ^o]L }KoZ}Z} ][Z]oZ]L}Z ZZZ}o];LQlZ] Z}K}o]] o7Z} ]o7L }L}K] o]]Z_~: o For example in the modern Western societies there is an expectation that males and KoZ]ooZ]K]o}oZZ] Z LZL]LZ]o}}KL}Z^oLL ]K_}]ZZZZ22Z oKL and woman are completely different and it is believed they should not be similar hence the desire for corpulent woman. o }]L2}9}L}^2ZZ} ]]ooZZ}Z}Z]]oZoZ} o LZZZ} ]o]oZZ ZZZ o}ZLZZ7[L] }LL }L}K] system in which the ]Z}KL[Z ]o}Z]LZZ]LZZ]Ko}]Z_ (2). It is a universal human tendency to attempt to improve on human design. Humans appear to be designed to respond to beauty in its universally shared attributes (such as thicker hips than waistlines among woman) to its culturally specific manifestations (such as thinner woman in the Western societies, and voluptuous woman of the Azagwah culture) ^,KLZ }Z]]o7]L}Z words, to looks that deviate least from the mean, be it in the L}ZoL2Z7o]Z]7}ZZ_~:KZ]Z]ZZo]]}LZ]L2o]o more of the ideal than the next person might prevent an advantage (hence the uber thing fashion models in a society that encourages slender woman) }Z} ]]ZZ}o^ZZ]]o]}ZoKLZZ[}]L2Z]oo}[_~ o Ex: Jamaicans find fat to be positive but differentiate between different kinds of fat. Plumpness is often associated with sex appeal, well beign and social status where as in JZLZ} ]]Z]]Z^]L] ]}o]LZZ7o l}Zo-control, ill-health, low status, LL ]LZZ_~: o Though the Moors emphasize fattening at all stages of life some cultures encourage it before marriage, to become the ideal bride, and after marriage, as a sign of a well take n care of and happy woman. o Ability to engage in fattening practices if often a thing of status cause only the elite would have the resources ^Z]ZL}Z ZL]Zo ooo}2] }L]L2_~:-ZoZZsocieties, alter the ^Lo_}} }L}K}Z} ]o]Z7Z]Z]ZZKLL]Zo. Though fattening is very important in the cultural of the Azagwagh Arab it is not often matter of discussion. o LL]L2Z]L ZZ]Zoo^ZZ]}LZ]}_~ o ^oZ}2ZZo]]ZZZ}}ZoZLK]o]L Z7 its potent force is oZ}ZL]L2}K]o}LZLZZ} ]o};LZZ]KZlpt in Z l;Z]L]oZ}Z]oL _~ o ^,]olL}KL[Z}]ZL Zoo7}ZK]oLZK}o] 7}Z }KKL]ZZ}o_~. Chapter1:ComingintotheAzagwagh TheAzagwagh The Azagwagh Arabs live in a region in northern Niger. Their de facto capital is Tassara, established by the Nigerien government, and KLoZ}o]@ Z][email protected]]2[Z ]o established by the French. This region is plagued by strong winds which they people see as a metaphor for evil spirits and forces, the bearer of heat and coldness which are needed to be loL :@Z]LLZZ} Z^Z]oLoL]L]Z]oLooZZL Z7 }LL ]}L}o}Z}o}LZK_~: The Azagwagh Arabs have been at war with the Tuareg who in live in the same vicinity. ;L5-81:L1^-K[-KL8-.9 @Z}2ZZ }LZ]ZKZoZ^_L} oozKL]}^]Z7Z are more culturally, linguistically and historically aligned with the Moors (though the term ^,}}_]ZL} without confusion). In this book they will be referred to as Azagwagh Arabs. They speak a dialect of Arabic called Galgaliyya and have over the years increased in formation of ZoKLZ}}2Z]LZ[ZL[Z} ]L2ZK}o} ]Leas near water which. ^@ZZZ}]}L}ZoK7o]]L]L}}Z7Z]K]o]o Z}] 7L }L}K based on herding and trade, a caste-o]lZ} ]oZ ;_~: o The caste division is 1- the white or free Arabs, 2- former slaves, the haratin 3- artisan caste PeaceCorpsPrelude:TchinTabaraden Z]L2ZZ}[Z}l]LZ9 }Z][email protected] Z][email protected] first encountered L]L2}}L22]oZLoLZ^oK}ZZ]2ZoZ]o}L adult womanhood among all the eZL] 2}Z]LZ_~: She also learned of the superior sentiment felt by light skinned Arabs compared to their dark skinned Hausa counterparts as well as to Europeans. Fieldwork:Tassara Popenoe found it difficult to tallo}KL]LZ^Z]2ZoZ-Z22Z} ]_~but was allowed into places, as a foreigner, that Arab women did not likely go.
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