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Maggie Cummings

Anthro Study Notes Essay Notes Quote from Page 143. Phillipe Bourgouis - This books argument as conveyed in its title is that people like Primo & Caesar have not passively accepted their structural victimization crack dealers are victims of structural forces struggle for respect against these forces by embracing street culture and underground economy become agents of their own destruction & further oppression by doing so. Structural Victimization being called jibaros & accepting that workplace racism being called illiterate & looking it up in the dictionary structure being workplace, workplace racism = institutionalized racism gender discrimination & gender rolls switched and foreign to them women are bosses to men, women are more superior in the service sector Agents of their own Demise choosing to listen to the racism going coke & dope binging & contributing to self destruction accepting the namelabel of jibaro cultural capital doing what they know fail at legit work, so go back to heroin & coke internalize the racism & agree with it, therefore depression and addiction Embracing Street Culture ServiceFIRE sector takes away street culture street culture enhances ability to g
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