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Michael Schillaci

Chapter 10: From Hominoid to Hominin At the beginning Sahelanthropus tchadensis Orrorin tugenensis Ardi[itecus The Hominin Community Diversifies Australopithecus A. anamensis A. afarensis A. africanus A. garhi Paranthropus Kenyanthropus Homo habilisrudolfensis Hominin Phylogensies The evolution of bipedalism The evolution of early hominin morphology Early hominin subsistence and behavior Early hominin social organization Miocene, earths temperature began to fall, caused two important changes in the climate of the African tropics o Total amount of rain that fell each year declined o Rainfall became more seasonal, there were several months each year when no rain fell Africa became drier, moist tropical forests shrank and drier woodlands and fresslands expanded Ape lineage of period failed to adapt, became extinct Natural selection allowed a few species to move down from the trees, earliest hominins, were among these pioneering species The spread of woodland and savanna led to the evolution of the first hominins about 6mya Ranged through eastern and southern Africa Different in two ways:
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