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University of Toronto Scarborough
Girish Daswani

FINAL EXAM REVIEW ANTB20 Exam Format Section A Answer 5 out of 7 short-answer questions (25 marks) Section B Answer 1 essay question out of 3 (15 marks) Culture, Politics and Globalization PROVIDE A DEFINITION OF GLOBALIZATION. INCLUDE AT LEAST THREE CHARACTERISTICS OF GLOBALIZATION IN YOUR ANSWER. WHAT IS GLOBALIZATION? DEFINITION #1: According to Erikson, globalization as a concept refers to both the compression of the world and the intensification of consciousness about the world as a whole. DEFINITION #2: Inda and Rosaldo say that globalization refers to o The development of worldwide modes of transport and communication. o An intensification of links, modes of interaction and flows that interconnect the world. o The stretching of social, cultural, political and economic practices across frontiers so as to make possible action at a distance o The heightened entanglement of the global and local. THREE DIMENSIONS OF GLOBALIZATION: 1: Increased trade and transnational economic activity 2: Faster and denser communication networks 3: Increased tensions between cultural groups due to intensified mutual exposure. COMMON ASSUMPTIONS OF GLOBALIZATION Dissolving barriers such as time and distance. (Technological advances such as the internet) Makes political bo
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