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University of Toronto Scarborough
Girish Daswani

ANTB20Final Review Lecture - What is globalization? - Assumption + debates (three pointsassumptions) Changes Increase in connectedness (ex: internet) Increase in free market economy (more neo-liberal policies) Increase movements Dissolving barriers by time x distance Borders are becoming irrelevant Cultures are mixing Intensification of connectedness between different parts of the world and our increasing conscientiousness of this development These assumptions allowed for imagined communities But there are new borders being built, new identities Hyphenated identities o Limitations, why is it an uneven and awkward process? Not evenly distributed, no one experiences it the same because of differences New vs. old, good vs. bad (not the same) What does it mean? Cooper: 3 groups of people, Bankers Boast (beneficial to human kind), Social Democratic Lement (only beneficial to elites), dance of flows of fragments (globalization is fragmented and not everyone is experiencing it the same) **** o Appadurai, know the 5 scapes: media, techno, ideo, finance, ethno - McDonald o Tibetans in N. Pakistan, making a political claim - Double Sidedness of Change o Flowsmovementsconnections are mediated and ideologically motivated o Accompanied by counter-flows, counter movements + disconnectedness o Globalization is always accompanied by local transformations All experiences of globalization is different Globalization Americanization Homogeneous change Assumes general universals must challenge them! - Neo-liberalism: individual freedom promise but they are not kept
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