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Donna Young

Review for midterm ANTB21 – Tutorial 1. performativity: - “saying is doing” [sign language is different from language] Rosaldo- not all languages have intentions of showing self consciousness. Performativity doesn’t go into all languages cause its much more like a western based theory – critique “western concept” of language. When you think of performativity, there’s an intent.  subject + verb contraction . Intentionality is a key characteristic of performativity as a concept . “saying is doing” – commanding or saying something, making it real, the believe that what we say is shaped by our reality and the context shape what we say. “ talk that performs an action in the saying of it” e.g. could you please fill out your name on top of your exam – asking you to perform the action. How are p”erformatives different than constantive- it can be true or false. They “say something” as oppose to doing something. And describe the world around us – descriptive Who came up with the concepts? – Austin – questions like this will be on the Midterm – do the readings. What did he say at the end of his theory? – he doesn’t agree with his own theory because they were similar in a way. Hard to differentiate between the theories. He decides there’s different way of looking at language – you can’t have a discrete boundaries between two concept. If you feel that a sentence is performative explain why and same thing
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