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Lecture 13 + Final Exam Study Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough

[LECTURE 13 ] Global Pharmaceuticals Global Pharmaceuticals History of development How can anthropology complement other organizations, NGOs, medical schools, business *applied anthro Epistemology of different disciplinesorganizations sets boundaries Hughes Anthropology as the uncomfortable science Due to what it exposes Theorists or a-ist Stacey Leigh re-creates current asymmetries of power - led to resentment of biomedicine - local cultures conceptualized as problems - dynamic of SCWYFD power differentials, how power structured the interactions * power troublesome part of encounters - power of biomedical imaginary, power of that imaginary linked assumptions of what biomedicine can do to address and solve problem, the very defn and form of solution, implicitly creates uneven power relations - her concern, working within the system a-ist, can bring change enough change so that everything remains the same - reliance on ideologies of BM, individualize how is this problem a symptom of social relations ex: poverty, how does it shape and create problems Critics of applied anthro how is it implemented in relations of technology What people were complementing, not enough need to think out side the box of development discourse Reveal and show power imbalance leads to suspicion and concern around.. ex: behaviour modifications, cooperation with sectors ( relations became adversal, damaged community sociality as a result), ideo-political constructs employed ( populations in some context considered a problem-population seen as a problem, takes away blame or individual human behaviourpractices) Neoliberal discourses on health care delivery on markets (PHC non-state sectors) - primary care available through NGOs or states - leads to leaching of local helps Criticism, system is so failed or damaged what is the alternative? REVOLUTION? - social systems Hughes risk of politics of despair, not having anything else to propose Medical Anthropology 1
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