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University of Toronto Scarborough

Hello all, here are a number of study questions to help you prepare for the final exam for ANTC61, which will consist entirely of short and long answer questions. The following sample questions will not all be on the exam, nor will they necessarily appear in exactly the same form. But if you prepare thoughtful answers to these questions, you should be able to perform quite well on both the short answer and long answer questions on the final. One student asked about what I am looking for in the short & long answer questions. I'm interested in seeing you demonstrate to me: a) that you understand the concepts I'm asking you to write about; b) that you can explain them clearly in your own words; and c) that you can make meaningful connections to the articles we've read or examples we've used in class, (or in some cases to other relevant examples/experiences you might be familiar with). You don't need to say a LOT necessarily; rather, I'm looking at the coherence and depth of understanding in what you say. You will be provided with a sheet listing the authors’ names and article titles for all of the required readings this term, if you wish to refer to them in formulating your answer (a wise idea). Remember that anthropology tends to recognize and value the complexity of interactions that combine to produce particular social worlds. Answers that don't editorialize, and which show an understanding of the complex and competing mix of forces & values that shape phenomena will do well. So here are some sample questions to help you prepare: * What are some of the challenge
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