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Larry Sawchuk

Chapter 4b Notes  Discrimination as two step process  Disease itself stigmatized  Individual stigmatized because of behaviors associated with the disease  Yellow Fever was blamed on Jewish Moroccan porters in 1804 Gibraltar epidemic  The epidemic in 1885 was blamed on immigrant Maltese  Influenza in malta became a notifiable disease after the 1890 outbreak of the ‘Russian flu pandemic’ Chapter 2 Part I  There are 4 general epidemic types 1. Point-source epidemic o A group of individuals exposed to a common source over a very brief period o The curve shape is a log normal curve with one huge singular peak o An example of this is when a group of individuals are exposed to a common pathogen at same time and place e.g. church, restaurant 2. Continuous common source epidemic o Defined as exposure to a common infectious agent over a long period of time suffered by individuals o Irregular graph shape and multiple peaks 3. Propagated epidemic o No common source but spread from person to person in a cumulative fashion o Graph has series of peaks showing a growing number of cases then dies off because no more susceptibles 4. Seasonal and cyclic epidemic o Cyclical epidemics  Type I: found in very large populations of >250,000. Number of infected never hits 0  Type II: found in urban populations but <250,000. Number of infected may hit 0 and disease re-introduction needs to happen from outsider  Ty
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