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Lawrence Sawchuk

Definitions Disease A state of nonwellbeing or ill health of the body or mindEpidemic A simplified and crude definition is the spread of a disease over a large number of individuals in a given community in a particular short period of timeEpidemiology The study of the distribution of disease and injuries in human populations Bacteria Microscopic unicellular organisms capable of independent reproduction Endemic The habitual presence or common recurrence of a disease in a population at a particular locationInfectious disease Able to be transmitted by air water foodstuffs contact with objects persons or vectorsPandemic When the increased incidence of the disease is of global proportions In other words a pandemic is a worldwide epidemic eg 2009 h1n1 Scapegoat an individual or group of individuals blamed for the origin or spread of a disease unwarranted QuarantineThe separation of individuals andor goods arriving from elsewhere and possibly carrying disease from a community A state of quarantine could vary in duration depending on the disease and the country of originSeparate people who may have the disease isolate set apart people with the disease disease etiology The causation cause reason eg for the outbreak of a disease Cholera An infectious disease of the small intestine caused by a bacteria resulting in severe vomiting diarrhoea and possibly death Anticontagionist aka noncontagionist the belief that a disease arose as a result of local causes eg miasma not due to contact or importation from infected localities elsewhere cordon sanitaires aka sanitary cordon a physical boundary established by force to separate a community from outsiders Contagionists Contagionist Theory of Disease the belief that a disease could be transmitted through contact with persons ie persontoperson or objects Miasmatists Miasma noxious vapours or smells originating from organic matters in many cases believed by some to be the source of disease Bacillus pluralbacilli rodshaped potentially pathogenic bacterium Vibrio cholerawaterborne bacteria typically shaped like a curved rod eg the cholera bacterium Yellow fever aka black vomit fever A tropical disease caused by a virus and often transmitted via mosquitoes resulting in fever jaundice and possibly death Contagion contagious disease Epidemic curve A graph of the distribution of cases or deaths according to the time of onset
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