ACMA01 (Exploring Key Questions In The Humanities): Final Exam Study Guide Answer Key

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Arts Culture and Media
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Sarah Kleeb

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Spring 2014ACMA01 Final Exam Study GuideHumanities The study of human culture EducationThere are different misperceptions found in the education of humanitiesExample Humanities are irrelevantoutdatedthe arts shouldnt be focused onUngar counters these arguments Humanities education strives to question authoritiesnorms and dominant structures of power in our society Disciplines Humanities disciplines dont teach us what to think but give us new ways to thinkTies in with speculative thinking Quantitative v QualitativeSciences are quantitativehumanities are qualitative Speculative ThinkingTheoretical thinking See disciplines Critical ThinkingThinking with skepticism the problematization of norms andor assumptions Problematization Complicating common sense notions defamiliarization Platos CaveAllegory of the caveTie it in todays societyhow people dont think analytically beyond what theyrepresented withthey dont think beyond that Its shown in todays Youtube videowhen the man returned to the cave but they misperceived him to be just anothershadow because what theyve been presented with was an illusion their whole lives Thats become their realityThe University PurposeRole of sharing A social space in which knowledge is created stored transmittedexamined and critiqued UofT Mission StatementWithin the unique university context the most crucial of all human rights are the rightsof freedom of speech academic freedom and freedom of research And we affirm thatthese rights are meaningless unless they entail the right to raise deeply disturbingquestions and provocative challenges to the cherished beliefs of society at large and of
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