ACMA01 (Exploring Key Questions In The Humanities): Was America Discovered or Invaded Reading Note

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Sarah Kleeb

1492 Christopher Columbus arrived to the West Indies February 11 1988 The Salvadoran Indian Association published Spiritual and CulturalEncounter 1It discussed the foreign invasion of America the genocideethnocide of its peopleculturedemanded rejecting the celebration of 500 years of that foreign invasion The end of the 15th century The 1st Europeans reached these lands The Spaniards came first followed by the Portuguese Dutch EnglishFrenchThey claimed to discover this land was a continentthat they converted the natives toChristianity These claims conceal true historical eventsThe European POV is that land was discovered The inhabitants POV is that they were invaded by people who killed their men educated theorphansslept with the Indian women The native leadersadult males who seeked liberty were killed Natives wanted peace to save the womenyoung Those who survived endured bad conditions Historian Edmundo OGorman presented thesis which named his book The Invention of AmericaEuropean concept of being in the world of the likes of Columbus or Amerigo Vespucio A departure of that would be that the American being comes from the Asian being since theCaribbean were adjacent to Asia Europe only thought Africa was south and Asia was east and that America did not existWestern culture has creative capacity of giving its own existence to a being which that cultureunderstands to be different and alien which many historians conceive what is essentially SouthAmerican this also applies to Church history Native Americans were seen as beings devoid of feeling history and humanity even his nameIndian was of Asian origin since it was believed that he was a Hindu from India he was arecipient of conversion to Christianity who could notwas not expected to make contributions ofany kin
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