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Arts Management
Anne Frost

CRA Canada Revenue Agency is dealing with tax law for the Government of Canada and most provinces. It also manage tax system that associated with social benefits and incentive programs ASO Arts Service Organization represents (and also rewards) certain type of art discipline, for example TAPA(Toronto Association of Performing Art) and Theatre Toronto. There are local, provincial , national and international(cross-country) Arts Service Organizations. CSR Corporate Social Responsibility means that a corporation taking an initiative for society as a corporate citizen TBL Triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) is the criteria of measuring organizational success. while a company is getting resources and economic benefits, it also give consideration to the harmony of environment and society, to be more specific, the balance of social, economic and environmental factors. The company wouldn’t do things that harm itself, the environment and the society members. OAC Ontario Arts Council is a provincial government funder which provides a variety of supports for Ontario-based artists and art organizations. CCA Canada Council for the ArtsisCanada’s national, arm’s-length arts funding agency. Its main activities are programs associated with grants, endowments, research etc. TAC Toronto Arts Council is an arm's length body that supports the development, accessibility and excellence of the arts in Toronto. It offers grants programs to the city's arts organizations and professional artists. These programs are funded by the City of Toronto. CARFAC Canadian Artists Representation is incorporated federally as a no
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