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assignment 1 answers

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ASTA01 Assignment 1
To be handed in on Thursday, Oct. 13
Name Student Number
You must attach a blank cover sheet to this assignment or it will not be accepted for marking.
Please hand in your work to your T.A. during your tutorial period. Except as noted, you may
hand in only the sheets provided, so be sure to use scrap paper for your rough work. Be sure to
fully explain your reasoning, and show all intermediate steps in your work. Late assignments will
be assessed a penalty of 25% per day, and will not be accepted after two days.
1a) Review the definitions of “conjunction” and “opposition” in your textbook (or the lecture
notes) and consider a terrestrial observer’s views of Venus. Draw the relative positions of the
Sun, the Earth and Venus during a period in which Venus is referred to as the “morning star”.
Also indicate on your diagram the region where Venus would be if it was appearing as the
“evening star”. Be sure to indicate the directions of the Earth’s rotation and orbital motion
on your figure.

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1b) What are the configurations that give us the best view of Venus? Explain.
1c) Calculate the angle subtended on the Celestial sphere by the separation of Venus and the Sun
when the Earth and Venus are separated by 90 degrees from an observation point on the Sun.
Assume circular orbits for Venus and the Earth and show your work.
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