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the mnemonic stuff of the final exam

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Lecture 15Jupiter must have a rockytype core about 10 Earth mass Stable flow underlies zones and bands called zonal flow The right wind with respect to the internal rotationThe composition of atmosphere hydrogen helium small amount of ammonia methane and water vaporThe color is due to the complex chemical interactions High speed in great depth is due to inner heat The heat is because of gravitational compression At the enormous pressures present in Jupiter the hydrogen acts like a metal The plasma torus results from particles emitted by volcanic eruptions on lo Magnetic field tilted relative to rotation axis The strength is 20000 than Earths Four Galileo satellites Io Europa Ganymede CallistoDensity decreases as distance from the Jupiter increase similar to terrestrial planetsLecture 16Jupiter emits about twice as much as energy as it received from the Sun Io is the most active object in solar systemOrange is from sulfur components The tidal force of Europa and Jupiter can provide energy of volcanoes Europa has no craters covered by water ice liquid water below Europa has a very weak magnetic fieldGanymede is the largest moon in solar system Water ice covered It has its own magnetic field which is the only one moon has Callisto has heavily cratered surfaceThe moon of Saturn30 moons most made of water ice 6 medium size moons 1 large size moon Titan only moon with atmosphere Enceladus featured ice geysers due to tidal force from Dione and Saturn The atmosphere of Titan is composing of nitrogen and argon thicker and denser than earths atmosphere It features a lot of the hydrocarbons The only body has precipitation other than earth in solar system The precipitation would be methane and ethane rain and liquid lakes may appearLecture 17Saturnthe equatorial diameter exceeds the polar by 10The wind pattern of Saturn is similar to those on Juniper with zonal flow Similar with Jupiter three cloud layers but lower pressure has zone and band structure hydrogen helium ammonia methane helium fraction is much less than Jupiter rain of helium more uniform color is due to the thicker top cloud layer 5 magnetic field as strong as Jupiter phases occur because of tilt of rings relative to orbit plane The rings emit different intensity radiation in EM spectrumCassini division is caused by ring resonance of other particles and the innermost moon Mimas
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