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Saturn chap12 y Mainly known for its visible ring system y Saturns sidereal orbital period is 294 Earth years 3 y Average density of Saturn is 700kgmless than density of water y Composed primarily of hydrogen and helium y Gases are less compressed than those in Jupiter y Rotates differentially y Saturns axis of rotations is tilted at 27 degrees to its plane similar to earth and mars y The moon of Saturn Enceladus thought to slow the rotation ratey Saturn is the flattest planet in the solar system y Best known feature is the spectacular ring system because it is in the equatorial plane the appearance changes as it orbits the sun y When Saturns poles are tipped toward the sun winter or summer the reflective rings are at its brightest y During its spring or fall the rings are close to being edgeon seem to disappeary Ring are extremely thin Only few tens of metres Saturns atmosphere y Less colorful than Jupiter y Bands and storms do exist but not as clear y Atmosphere consists of hydrogen and helium methane and solid or liquid form ammonia y Because of large mass and low temperature helium and hydrogen are abundant y Thought that helium sank to the centre or Saturn leaving less in the atmosphere y Saturn has weaker gravitational force therefore atmosphere is thicker not strongly pulled towards the centre Weather y Has an eastwest zonal flow y There are existence of bands and oval storm systems y Convection due to the same reason as those on Jupiter y There exists lightning as does Jupiter and has precipitations of water and ammonia rain y There exists a vortex at saturns south pole Saturns interior y Saturn like Jupiter has an internal energy source y Helium dissolves in liquid hydrogen and gets really hot it condenses on the outside y helium precipitation y Internal heating is due to the hellion sinking to the centre and gravity heats it up
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