chapter 13

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Uranus and Neptune chap13 y the two are very similar to one another so are usually considered together y they are part of the jovian planets y the featureless atmosphere of Uranus contrasts sharply with the other jovian worlds y Neptunes orbital period is 1637 earth years y Uranus can be seen with the naked eye but not Neptune y Uranus appears to be a greenish disk and Neptune a bluish disk y Triton is Neptunes largest moon y Nereid is Neptunes second largest moon y Neptune resembles a bluetinted Jupiter has bands and spots y Uranus and Neptune are largely responsible for the Kuiper belty Uranus rotates faster at the poles than the equator y Peculiar about Uranus its axis of rotation lies almost within the ecliptic plane on its sidenorth pole lies beneath the ecliptic planethought to have a retrograde rotation like Venus yUranus has northern summer when the sun never seems to set sun would appear to move in a circle in the sky y Autumnal equinox on Ura
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