BIOA01H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Plasmodesma, Nucleolus, Vacuole

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25 Mar 2016

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Cilia: little tentacle like structures used for locomotion. Both structures are made out of microtubules (9+2 structure) Centrosomes assemble long microtubules to hold structure of cell. Proteins coiled, then coiled again into thick cables. Anchorage of nucleus shape and other organelles. In charge of transporting around materials inside of the cell. Hydrophilic head (water is on the outside of structure) Looks rough because of studded ribosomes attached to outside of structure. Freely moves around in the cytoplasm of the cell. As amino acid chain is being assembled it is pushed into the er. When protein chain is done, the er cuts off the chain and sends it to the golgi bodies. Process and package to send vesicles to wherever needed. They are enzyme sacs (phagocytosis) eating inside of the cell. Break debris from outside of the cell into material that can benefit the cell. Holds dna with some protein in a web like structure known as chromatin.

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