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BIOA02H3 Full Course Notes
BIOA02H3 Full Course Notes
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Poikilothermy/ectothermy: terrestrial ectotherms use their body actions to keep their body temperature different from the temperature of the air; while aquatic ectotherms will always take the temperature of the water they"re in. Behavioural thermoregulation: even though ectotherms produce their own heat by their metabolism, some also use behavioural means to adjust their temperature, for lizards at night, its body temperature is the same as the burrow temperature. During the day, it comes out and its body temperature warms up (air temperature is hotter than burrow) and throughout the day the temperature can be regulated by moving out and into the shade. The thermoneutral zone (tnz: this is the range of ambient temperature where metabolic rate is constant, when it goes below a lower-critical temperature or above an upper-critical temperate the metabolic rate increases. In general; cold acclimated species have a larger tnz and a lower-critical temperature compared to warm.

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