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BIOA02H3 Full Course Notes
BIOA02H3 Full Course Notes
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How does behavior influence populations / communities. Humans have always studied animal behavior informally. Animal behavior informs behavioral ecology = study of how organisms make decisions that influence their survival and reproductive success. Study of how animals decide: where to carry out activities, select resources, respond to predators and competitors. Study of animal behavior in natural environments from an evolutionary prospective: ethology. Gene products (e. g. enzymes) can affect behavior by starting a series of gene-environment interactions that underlie development of behavioral mechanisms. Experimental methods to determine how genes and environment influence behavior: deprivation experiments. Young animals are reared with no experiences related to behavior: genetic experiments. Genome is altered by interbreeding; by comparing individuals that differ by only one gene; or by knocking out or inserting specific genes. Biologists study the ways both genes and the environment influence the development of behavioral phenotypes. Complete and functional on first use: learned behavior.

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