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BIOA02H3 Full Course Notes
BIOA02H3 Full Course Notes
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What are the major types of behavior. When animals interact, they exchange information i. e. animals communicate communication = the reception of and response to signals signal = causes a change in another animal"s behavior. Animals communicate using signals: acoustical (auditory, visual, chemical (olfactory, electrical tactile. Have species-species songs used in territorial displays and courtship. Must hear song when they are nestlings, even though they do not sing it until mature. Behavioral decisions: made in variable environments, based on a cost-benefit approach. Assume animal has a limited amount of energy for its activities, it cannot perform behaviors if energetic cost is greater than benefits. Benefits lead to improved survival / reproductive success. Costs have three components: energetic cost. Difference in energy expended if resting vs energy expended in performing behavior: risk cost. Increased chance of being injured or killed as a result of the behavior: opportunity cost. Animals must make many decisions about: where to live.