BIOB33H3 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Thoracolumbar Fascia, Latissimus Dorsi Muscle, Abdominal External Oblique Muscle

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5 Feb 2013
Pectoralis major
Originates: sternum
Inserts: humerus of the foreleg
Function: adducts humerus
Pectoralis minor
Originates: sternum
Inserts: proximal end of humerus
Function: adducts and retracts foreleg
Latissimus Dorsi:
Origin: dorsal, ventral, lateral sides of the body, fibers from lumbodorsal
fascia and lumbar and thoracic
Inserts: proximal end of the humerus on its medial surface
Function: moves foreleg caudally and dorsally
Linea Alba:
Origin: found at center of the ventral abdomen
Structure is a thickening of the central part of the ventral aponeurosis (a
sheet like fusion of the tendons)
Lumbodorsal fascia is another example of an aponeurosis
External Oblique:
Origin: from posterior ribs and lumbodorsal fascia
Inserts: ventral aponeurosis near linea alba
Fibers run caudo ventrally in an oblique direction
Internal Oblique:
Just under the external oblique
Fibers of the internal oblique run caudo-dorsally which is perpendicular to
those of the external oblique
Transverse Abdominus
Reflect internal oblique and transvers Ab is underneath
Some of its fibers run transversely across abdominal wall
Others run almost parallel to the external oblique
Rectus Abdominus
Runs from pubis to sternum and upper ribs
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