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BIOB33H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Sternum, Periosteum, Diaphysis

Biological Sciences
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Connie Potroff
Study Guide

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1. Spongy bone is not:
a) porous
b) hemopoietic
c) regularily arranged
d) highly vacuolated
e) none of the above answers is correct
2. Connective tissue is located farthest from:
χa) zonae adherens
δb) tight junctions
εc) communicating junctions
φd) macula aherens
γe) none of the above
3. What are polarized cells?
4. Which part of bone is the shaft?
a) epiphysis
b) diaphysis
c) metaphysic
d) periosteum
e) none of the above (a-d) are correct
5.6 Use the following diagram to answer the next 2 questions:
5. The bone labeled A is the:
a) Femur
b) Radius
c) Humerus
d) Sternum
e) Scapula
6.Name the type of bone that B is indicating?
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