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BIOC33H3 Study Guide - Sacroiliac Joint, Clavicle, Hip Bone

Biological Sciences
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Stephen Reid

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Station 2 : Vertebral Coloumn
Basic Structure
1. Lumbar vertebrae
2. Body
3. Vertebral foramen
4. Superior articular process
5. Transverse process
6. Inferior articular process
7. Spinous process
vertebral column (backbone or spine)
is a column usually consisting of 24 articulating vertebrae ,
and 9 fused vertebrae in the sacrum and the coccyx.
It is situated in the dorsal aspect of the torso, separated by intervertebral
It houses and protects the spinal cord in its spinal canal.
Vertebral foramen:
circular opening
formed by the vertebral body, and the posterior part, the vertebral arch.
originates from the vertebral body
Laminae: extends from the pedicles