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BIOC33H3 Study Guide - Shoulder Girdle, Axial Skeleton, Acromioclavicular Joint

Biological Sciences
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Stephen Reid

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-includes teh boens of upper and lower limbs and the girdles of bones that hold and attach teh upper and lower limbs
to the axial skeleton.
The pectoral girdles consist of bones that hold the upper limbs in place
Pelvic girdle consists of bones that hold the lower limbs in place.
Left and right pectoral girdles.
Articulate with the trunk
Each girdle supports one upper limb
Also provide attachment sites for many muscles
Promotes upper limb mobility by:
!) because the scapula is not directly attaché dto tot he axial skeleton, it movs freely
Shallow cavity of shoulder joint permits a wide range of movemtn of upper limbs
Broad flat triangular bone
Forms the shoulder blade
Spine of the scapula : ridge of boen on the posterior aspect of the scapula.
Is continuous with a larger posterior process called the acromion
The acromion articulates with the acromial end of the clavicle
The coracoids process: found on the anterior side
Much smaller
The triangular shape of the scapula forms three borders:
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