BIOC58H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Overdrafting, Sloss Debate, Trailing Edge

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16 Sep 2020

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Bioc58h3 the biological consequences of global change. This is not a practice exam, but does contain questions similar in content and format to those that you will see on the final exam. These practice questions are to help you get a feel for the type of question you might see, and to give you some practice at answering them. These questions only focus on the material not covered on the midterm exam. Note that the final exam is cumulative, so you should revisit that material in your studies. I will post the answers to the multiple choice and true/false questions online. Note that i will not post the answers to the other short answer questions, but please feel free consult me during my office hours or by email if you have questions regarding them. This bird species is charismatic, and has caught the attention of the public as a result.