BIOC61H3 Study Guide - Biophysics, Roxbury Latin School, Westfield State University

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Jared diamond (born september 10, 1937) is an american scientist and author. Currently working as professor of geography and physiology at ucla. He is also known for the award-winning books the third chimpanzee, guns, germs, and steel, and collapse: how societies choose to. Born in boston, massachusetts, to a bessarabian jewish family, he attended the roxbury latin. School, earning his a. b. from harvard college in 1958, and his ph. d. in physiology and membrane biophysics from the university of cambridge in 1961. He then returned to harvard as a junior. Fellow until 1965, and became professor of physiology at ucla medical school in 1968. While in his twenties, undertook research projects in the ornithology of new guinea and nearby islands. In his fifties, diamond developed another career in environmental history, and became professor of. He was awarded the national medal of science in 1999 and an honorary doctorate by westfield state university in 2009.

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