BIOC65H3 Study Guide - Mercury Poisoning, Toxicology, Lead Poisoning

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Drinking water in plastic bottles = not a good idea to use plastic bottles; when they"re sitting around at an elevated temperature, e. g in a car, it over heats causing compounds to be released and be dissolved in water. These will be ingested, make its way to the liver which will not be able to detoxify the compounds and start to accumulate in the fatty tissues. Urban myth of drinking 6-8 glasses of water = there is not an absolute need to drink 6-8 glasses of water. As long you consume an equivalent of 6-8 glasses of liquids, it can be in any form. Compounds in plastics = bisphenyl a: chemical that is highly soluble in lipids. It finds the lipids in membranes and after it finds the membranes it will find the larger deposits of lipids in the body: adipose tissues; particularly in women in the breast tissue.

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