BIOD27H3 Study Guide - Vasoconstriction, Neurotrophin-3, Corpus Luteum

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Regulate the differentiation and growth of both cns and pns. Ngf is one member of a family of neurotropins. The gene family of neurotropins includes ngf, bdnf, nt-3 and nt-4. These factors are produced in limited amounts in target tissues. Mediate cell interaction regulating neuron survival during period of naturally occurring neuronal death in development. Release of these protein also regulates extent of innervations of the target tissues. Neurotropins also have a function in adult cns. All are synthesized as precurosor polypeptides that are later cleave dto yield mature neurotropins. All are homodimers of 115 to 130 aa residues. Share alteast 50% sequence identity, including 6 conserved cysteine residues. Muscle nt-4 is a physiological factor influencing activity-dependent changes in neuromuscular junctions i. e muscle activity mucle derived nt-4 may act as an activity-dependent neurotrophic signal for growth and remodeling of adult motor neurons innervation.