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BIOB10Y-FSG #6.docx

Biological Sciences
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Shelley A.Brunt

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FSG Session #6: BIOB10Y3: Cell and Molecular Aspects of Genetic Processes
Section # 1: Terms to know
________________: The many deep folds that are characteristic of the _______
_________________ membrane, which contain the molecular machinery of oxidative
Section # 2: Short Answers
1) Label the following diagram of the mitochondria inner structures. What are the cristae studded
full of?
2) What are some of the main differences between the outer and the inner membrane of
3) What signals are required to enter the mitochondrial matrix (state the characteristics of the
signal)? How about IMM proteins (integral membrane proteins)?
4) Proteins that enter the mitochondrial must first be in a specific state to bind to the OMM
receptors. What aids the proteins to achieve this state and what are the large protein channels near
the receptors called? Explain.
5) Imagine we are intermembrane space. Describe the two scenarios that can take place regarding
proteins that are either destined to the matrix vs those destined to the IMM.
6) Where do the following processes occur?
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