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BIOD60H3 Study Guide - 28S Ribosomal Rna, Tata Box, European Credit Transfer And Accumulation System

Biological Sciences
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Shelley A.Brunt

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FSG Session #14: BIOB10Y3: Cell and Molecular Aspects of Genetic Processes
Section # 1: Short Answers
1) Describe the basis of the pulse and chase experiment used to see how pre- rRNA is processed
within the cell. Explain this to your partner and make sure both of you understand what is going
2) Based on the above results we can create the following graph: Talk about what is actually
happening. What was determined from this experiment?
3) mRNA are made from precursors in the nucleus. If we radioactively labeled RNA nucleotide
and did a 30 min pulse and lysed the cell to see where the radioactivity was, what would we see?
If we did the same experiment but we did a 3-hour chase after the 30-minute pulse what would
we see? What does this all mean?
4) The assembly of the transcription pre initiation complex occurs in a stepwise manner prior to
elongation. Describe the process and also describe the role and importance of the main players.
5) What are the 3 processing events that take place in mRNA? Be sure to stress the importance of
each event.
6) What is the method in the addition of a 5’ cap?
7) What is the method in the addition of a 3’ poly-A-tail?
8) What appears to be the original form of most cellular mRNAs?
Section # 3: Multiple Choices
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