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Biological Sciences
Bebhinn Treanor

PRACTICE QUESTIONS for BIO A01F TERM TEST1 Here are 60 Practice Questions so you can have an idea of the kind of questions that are likely to be asked on Term Test1 1 Which of the following is a correct sequence for the biological classification of organisms A genus species family order class phylum kingdom B genus species family order class kingdom phylum C genus species order family class phylum kingdom D species genus order family class kingdom phylum E species genus family order class phylum kingdom 2 Which structure is common to plant and animal cells A chloroplast B wall made of cellulose C central vacuole D mitochondrion E centriole 3 Which of the following is true for all exergonic reactions A The products have more total energy than the reactants B The reaction proceeds with a net release of free energy C Some reactants will be converted to products D A net input of energy from the surroundings is required for the reactions to proceed E The reactions are nonspontaneous 4 Which of the following would likely move through the lipid bilayer of a plasma membrane most rapidly A CO2 B an amino acid C glucose D K E starch 5 Which of the following statements describes NAD A NAD has more chemical energy than NADHH B NAD is reduced to NADHH during both glycolysis and the citric acid cycle C NAD is reduced by the action of hydrogenases D NAD can donate electrons for use in substratelevel phosphorylation E In the absence of NAD glycolysis can still function 6 In what way do the membranes of a eukaryotic cell vary A Certain proteins are unique to each membrane B Phospholipids are found only in certain membranes C Only certain membranes of the cell are selectively permeable D Only certain membranes are constructed from amphipathic molecules E Some membranes have hydrophobic surfaces exposed to the cytoplasm while others have hydrophilic surfaces facing the cytoplasm 7 Members of the domains Bacteria and Archaea
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