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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Ivana Stehlik

Lecture 4: 1) The waxy layer found on the epidermis for protection is known as the: a) Stoma b) Shiny layer c) Cuticle d) Epidermal hairs 2) Root hairs grow behind which part of the root? a) Stoma b) Lateral Root c) Epidermis d) Root Cap 3) What is the purpose of having glands in plants? a) Glands produce toxins that protect the plant from herbivore attack. b) Glands are present to attract pollinators. c) Glands supply food for the growing plant. d) Glands produce fruits. 4) Stinging epidermal hairs made by the Nettle plants contains a) Sugar b) Silica c) Red chlorophyll 5) Epidermal platelets usually grow in environments that are very a) Sunny b) Cloudy c) Moist d) Dry 6) The Pitcher plant is an example of a(n) a) Self-pollinating plant b) Extinct Plant Species c) Insect Eating Plant d) None of the above 7) The periderm consists of which two types of cells? a) Stoma and Epidermis b) Cork cambium and cork cells c) Cuticle d) All of the above 8) Which of the following statements are false? a) Cork cells are alive at maturity. b) Cork cells have suberin that protects against desiccation. c) Cork cells have an anti-microbial wall of lignin. d) All of the above are true. 9) Which of following cells are evolutionary “older” and less efficient at the transport of water? a) Fibres b) Parenchyma c) Vessel Elements d) Tracheids 10) What is the function of companion cells? a) Produce toxins b) Companion cells enucleated cells that are controlled by sieve tube members. c) They are nucleated cells that control themselves along with the sieve tube members. d) None of the above. 11) What is the position of xylem cells? a) Near the middle of the stem. b) Near the edge of the stem. c) Near the stoma. d) On the surface of leaves. 12) Wood is mostly made up of a) Phloem b) Sugars c) Periderm d) Xylem 13) Ground tissue is made up of a) Parenchyma > Sclerenchyma > Collenchyma b) Parenchyma = Sclerenchyma = Collenchyma c) Parenchyma > Collenchyma > Sclerenchyma d) Parenchyma = Collenchyma > Sclerenchyma e) Parenchyma > Collenchyma = Sclerenchyma 14) All of the following are functions of ground tissue except a) Photosynthesis b) Filling space c) Storing nutrients d) Transporting gases 15) Which of the following is false? a) Sieve tube members are living cells. b) Sieve tube members transport sugars c) Sieve tube members are divided by sieve plates. d) Sieve tube members contain a nucleus. 16) Vessel Elements are mostly found in which type of plants? a)
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